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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm getting more and more frustrated by the DCM Forum, it seems to be so repetitious with its photography. The same old mediocre images day after day on its front page, put there by people who have no photographic credentials whatsoever. Most of the other mags are the same, very difficult to tell one from another.

I think decision time has come. Keep in touch with the magazine website, but concentrate on Flickr. At least on Flickr the level of photography is far superior and some really exciting work can be found. The next couple of weeks will be spent preparing prints for the B+W Photography magazine competition, updating my website and posting only on Flickr.

Posted three new images on the Speakers' Corner gallery on the website following Sunday's visit.


Anonymous said...

So, Abercrombie - what would the required 'photographic credentials' be? I know you'd like to think your photos were picked by a veteran professional, but the chances of him spending any amount of time looking at your blurry black and whites of old people are very, very slim.

ABERS said...

Now , now "anonymous" a little afraid of revealing your identity? Shame on you. What a pitiful way to carry on.
I wonder who it could be?
No not a VETERAN professional, that would mean my blurry B+W's of old people would look even more blurry.
I doubt if a real professional would touch the magazine with a barge pole!

Boltondave said...

DCM cater to the entry-level/beginner section of the digital camera thing, yet still insist on trying to portray the magazine as a "Jack of all trades".

... master of none, perhaps?

The forums themselves have pretty much become a no-go area for those with an opinion. The same old questions are asked by people who join on that very day, the same answers are given, the newcomers rarely then return to say "Thanks". As for the photos, if it's not a hdr image, nobody's interested.

Shame really.