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Friday, 25 July 2008


Only having passed through before, and whilst it's only some 80 miles away, we've just spent a couple of days in the New Forest. Whilst not particularly photogenic at this time of year it's certainly got charm.

The nearby coast is particularly good if you are a boat fanatic, but the rest is the usual "south coast" scenery. No rocks for the usual low angle shot on long exposure with the misty sea that seems to be all the rage on DCM. As it's mid-summer the light was somewhat harsh and non-directional most of the day, but i managed to get a few shots that look worthy of some work.

Highlight of the break was calling in at Winchester for a couple of hours, once again for the first time. What a wonderful building and so full of photographic potential, all already exploited to the full over many years. Will certainly go back again in the Autumn.

Once again Flickr seems the way to go for photographic sharing. Put an image up and almost immediately someone somewhere has a look and invariably makes a comment.

Entered three prints for the Terry O'Neill competition today. Winning is a mile off but an acceptance would be most welcome.

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