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Thursday, 11 December 2008


I haven't taken a picture now for four weeks! The last time I pressed the shutter was on 11-11 in Trafalgar Square. It's been a combination of poor weather, other things to do, but most of all a distinct lack of get up and go. Been looking at books and trying to get enthused but the cold weather has put me off. Definitely will go out on Sunday up to Speakers' Corner to renew some old acquaintances. That's a promise.

Put few posts on the DCM forum to try and engender some sensible discussion about photography, but the usual posting of abject mediocrity keeps appearing.

Paid a visit to the Arena Exhibition in Guildford last week and there are some stunning prints from the members. Only one of the original members, Roy King, was showing, his pictures as interesting as ever. Harry Cundell gave a talk about each artist and their individual approach to photography. Surprised at the prices that were being asked, be interested to know if any sales were made?

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