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Saturday, 11 April 2009


Been very busy over the last couple of months. Printing for entries into various exhibitions with pleasing results.

The Southampton International Photographic Exhibition. Two prints accepted. One monochrome, one colour!.

The Dumfries International Exhibition. One monochrome print accepted.

The West Cumbrian International Exhibition. Three monochrome prints accepted.

The Arden International Exhibition. Three monochrome prints accepted.

The Wigan 10 International Exhibition.Two monochrome prints accepted.

Fell flat on my face with two other submissions, the RPS Members and the RPS International, must find the secret for these two.

My club The Richmond & Twickenham PS is currently holding its annual exhibition and I have two panels in that, so all in all rather than taking picture and processing them it seem that printing and mounting has been the main preoccupation.

As far as taking images this has been spent attending the various demos and protests taking place around London. Stop The War, The Gaza demos the G20 protests and today the Tamil Tiger march. I eventually hope to get a book together on Protests and Demos.

That's a quick update.

Thanks to Roger Hance for giving me a nudge!

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