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Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well after a few weeks faffing about I finally launched the updated web site last week. Notified those that had kindly left a comment on the old one and was pleased to find 80+ hits and a few more comments on the updated one.

Waiting to hear that my old A100 has been converted to infra red. I used to enjoy I/R with film and am looking forward to using it digitally. I find colour I/R totally unsatisfactory so as usual all my attempts will be in mono.

Visited Silverprint today for the first time to buy some storage boxes and was fascinated to see the range of materials they have there. Even saw a book by Randall Webb of Richmond & Twickenham PS fame.

Got a load of stuff ready for the B+W Photo Mag Photographer of the Year, not much hope there as they seem to be interested in what they deem 'Art' photography. Still we live in hope.

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