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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

50 +

Celebrated our 50th. wedding anniversary last weekend by taking the whole family for a few days down to Devon. The weather was great sunshine all the way, and having the kids and grand kids all together made it quite memorable.

Didn't spend much time with the camera, although having the free run of the farm presented plenty of opportunity to try and put a few landscapes in the bag. Resisted the chance to take a few back-lit sheep, but couldn't keep away from the fishpond.

Slap-up meals out on the Saturday and Sunday evenings, with a fair quantity of wine and beer finished it off perfectly. Here's to the Diamond celebrations. Perhaps I'll get the hang of landscapes by then!


Eileen said...

I do love that picture - thanks for the tip on how you achieved the effect. I have stored it away for future reference.

Jason said...


I like the processing on that picture too, though it reminds me of Most Haunted or Blair Witch lol!