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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Well it is really! Now let me see what's happened since the 50+ anniversary?

Had a day out with the old DCM group, now the CC group, at Speakers' Corner. I think everyone enjoyed it, and made them feel more at ease taking people pictures, mind you it's not difficult doing that there. So CC site was inundated with images from our visit there.

Strangely enough I had an Email from a gent who has been going there for the past 50 years and is collating a book on the history of the place and wants to include some of my images in it, looking forward to meeting him there in a couple of weeks time.

Getting ready for the forthcoming exhibition I'm sharing with Phil Drake at Osterley Park during the last two weeks of this month in a small gallery next to Osterley House called the Garden Gallery.

Publicity going well for the event, got a mention in B+W Photography, most of the web sites, local press and magazines, surrounding clubs and organisations.

One fly in the ointment was PhotoRadar who refused to list it in their news items, their excuse was I didn't have a gallery on their site, and no-one would know me, despite having a gallery on DCM with some 100 or so images generating over 2500 comments before I took it off. Still there is more than one way to skin a cat.

All the prints are done, mounted, and framed all by own fair hand. Just the titles and info panels to be finalised. Then it's the OFF!

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