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Monday, 2 November 2009


'A Double Take on Photography' at Osterley Park closed yesterday. The total attendance over the 10 half days it was open was 508, a result that pleased both Phil Drake and myself, immensely, especially when the total for the first two days was 19!

Comprising all age groups it was interesting to note that the visitors split roughly into three main groups, 50% casual callers, 30% photographers, and 20% self confessed Art Lovers, i.e.painters, and watercolourists. No one expressed disappointment that it was an exhibition wholly of Black and White images. In fact the reverse was true, it proved an eyeopener for some that B+W was still practised; that was mainly amongst the non-photographic fraternity, and quite often the remark was made that B+W had more impact than colour.

The fact that Osterley Park is a National Trust site meant that there was a good sprinkling of overseas visitors, with people from France predominating.
One or two other observations,
  • Women look more closely than men.
  • Non photographers ask more detailed questions than photographers.
  • People are interested in 'where the photograph was taken'.

  • The fact that no photographs were titled didn't bother anyone.

  • Infrared fascinated most people.

For anyone thinking of mounting an exhibition of their work I would thoroughly recommend it, it's hard work and it can be expensive, but discussing your work on a face to face basis with an on the whole appreciative audience is as satisfying as it gets.

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Eileen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, Alan. The pictures were very inspiring. All in all a good day out. Thanks for making it possible.