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Thursday, 19 November 2009


A couple of days ago I received the Autumn 2009 edition,No.57 of Ag magazine. I had spotted a link to it somewhere and looked at the web site in question. It looked interesting so I took the plunge and took out an annual subscription, not cheap mind you £37.50 for four editions. So I was somewhat anxious that I had not made a rash spur of the moment decision.

Not on your life, what a great publication. It oozes quality and is just the sort of magazine I've wanted for ages. It's about photography pure and simple. No masses of pages of advertising, no meaningless and interminable reams of equipment reviews, no infantile 'Your Mission for the Month' or 'Assignments'. Nowhere does it make un-keepable promises to make you a better photographer or allow you to produce 'stunning images', the things that ordinary magazines seem to rely on to get readers attention, just a couple of hints on how the photographer makes his/her images.

Apart from a couple of pages of exhibition and book snippets it concentrates on photography over its 96 pages.

Take a look at


I think you will be impressed.

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