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Thursday, 12 November 2009



Attended the local Remembrance Day parade this year. It was a grand turn out with many more people attending than usual, obviously the Afghan war has had an effect on people. More so this year because a local lad has recently returned from the front minus a leg and half a hand. Chris, a cheeky happy lad who played football in the same team as my eldest Grandson attended the service to pay tribute to three of his comrades who were killed in the explosion that has maimed him.

I became very angry at the end of the service, when after the British Legion M.C. quite rightly paid a tribute and thanks to Chris for his sacrifice, then in almost the same breath congratulated and thanked our local M.P. for attending the service and asked the crowd to show their appreciation for him representing the constituency over the years. The same M.P. who lives closer to Westminster than I do, which is 14 miles, and has claimed the full expenses for a second home in London for most of that time, and will be retiring at the next general election with a substantial 'Golden Handshake'.

There is no justice in this world.

Took a dozen or so photos one of which is posted above.

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