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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Here We are 2010 already.

Not one to make New Year's resolutions since the only one I've ever kept was to give up smoking in 1969, and I've kept it ever since. So that's 40 years without a fag and I think that should suffice as far as resolutions are concerned. What I will do from time to time, and not necessarily at the turn of the year, is to decide to try and go in a different direction with my pastimes. I've been known to completely destroy a well tended garden and alter it over a Summer to something that is diametrically opposite to what it was. That is however hard work and I'm not particularly keen on that now at my age!

Over the past few months I've been trying to branch out photographically. My pictures of people still are my first love, but trying a 'softer' approach with other images has been fascinating and restored my levels of satisfaction.

Using the scanner to create images from ordinary objects is another road I shall be going down during the next year, and I suppose variations on that theme will appear as I discover what can be achieved.

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