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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A little grumpy I suppose.

It must be the time of the year, the Winter just seems to drag on and on; and not getting out much with the camera an inordinate amount of time is spent at the computer, either tidying up all the rubbish and trying to get some order into things or reading posts on forums that seem to be put there by people who can't think for themselves! Or that's the way I see it.

People who ask questions like, "I'm visiting New York, what camera should I take?" For Christ's sake a black one of course! "That's a great view of the Mall, where exactly did you take it?" Err, in the Mall!

Surely the whole point of photography is to produce pictures for yourself, soon people will expect someone to accompany them and even press the shutter button.

Mind you, even more annoying are the people who can't wait to leap in and help. You can bet your boots any question will receive an immediate reply from a fairly restricted group with information about equipment and all its pros and cons carefully gleaned from magazine reviews, what are the latest industry rumours, who is developing what, how many pixels are available in whatever camera is the flavour of the day, and so on and so on....

They must sit by their screens just waiting to leap on their keyboards with help and information. The most annoying ones are those that opine incessantly about how the manufacturers have got it all wrong, or how the latest software is complete bollocks using erudite words that put them apart from us mere mortals.

You read how they use multiple layers, and curves with masks and levels and you think this bloke must some wunderkind so you look at his web site or Flickr stream and you find images that are about as interesting as a gumboil!

Mind you they are clever because they actually offer their work for sale and tell us their prints are going like hot cakes. They have obviously done their market research and found out where the visually impaired congregate on a Saturday morning.

Still each to his own, they are happy in their life's work imitating Harry Enfield's character, "Only me!"

Blimey my cocoa's got a nasty thick skin on it.


Eileen said...

Hello grumpy. :- ) Hope you're keeping well. Been out of things for a bit and now off on much-needed holiday, but hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Slightly arrogant statement, 'so you look at his web site or Flickr stream and you find images that are about as interesting as a gumboil!', I would say, are you comparing to the quality of your own work????

Photography is very much about individual tastes. If other people enjoy going on about the pros and cons of the technical side of a camera or want to ask other questions what is the problem?

The rant is typical of the old DCMag users, nothing seems to have changed amongst the old 'personalities' that dominated the site if anyone dared have an opinion that differed!

Sad really when life's too short and better to spend your time enjoying it!