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Friday, 5 March 2010


Since the New Year I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time printing and mounting pictures, a task that I have to admit I enjoy. I'm still of the opinion that you can't call yourself a real photographer if you can't apply the finishing touches to a finished article,i.e. printing and mounting. (I wonder if I'll get some irate person posting anonymously of course, that my arrogance knows no bounds?).

Anyway it's the mounting that causes me a problem. I have to do it on the dining room floor and that means kneeling, and that means stiffness and pain!

But it has all been worthwhile since the results from various exhibitions and competitions have been pouring in.

Richmond & Twickenham Club Competition.

Won the Randall Webb Trophy (Candid and Street) with The Rabbis.

Surrey Photographic Association Exhibition - Four Mono Prints accepted.

Small Print International Exhibition.
Dumfries - 1 Colour and 3 Mono acceptances.
Carlisle - 1 Colour and 2 Mono acceptances.
Arden - 1 Colour and 2 Mono acceptances.
Anfogasa? 0 Colour and 2 Mono acceptances.

Southampton International Exhibition.

Two Mono and three colour acceptances.

So all that creaking and groaning has proved worthwhile!

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Eileen said...

A very impressive tally. Makes it all worthwhile I think. I hope you will post links to the exhibitions where possible as it would be nice to see the pictures in context.