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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Disparate or just Desperate.

Man of Steel

Still in the learning mode, as we all should be all the time, I've been getting down to trying to get to grips with the possibilities offered by the CS5 upgrade I bought recently. Although I'm still at what I would call the chalk and crayon stage with merging two images together I've become convinced that there is a whole new range of possibilities out there in the photographic world. I'm not saying there is anything new that I've discovered, just new for me.
I've been looking at two disparate images which when combined make another, not completely different image, but an image that adds to one another. Whilst in Norfolk I spent a lot of time looking for backgrounds that would hopefully combine with images to fulfill this goal.
Like other treatments I've been trying recently I'm quietly pleased with some of the results.
So perhaps Disparation, if there is such a word, could be the answer to my Desperation

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