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Monday, 19 July 2010

A Few Days in Norfolk

The Norfolk Shopping Experience
Norfolk Bus Shelter

Just got back from three days in Norfolk. After what is now our third visit to the North Norfolk coast I've returned with the obligatory pictures of boats laying on their side in muddy creeks and old posts sticking out of the sand at low tide!

However looking around a bit more closely there are other images to be found, and not the picture post card chocolate box images of sleepy villages and windmills. There are places where time seems to be fixed in the '30's and '40's. A tea shop in Wells-by-the-Sea together with a clothes/haberdashers shop which I have a feeling is a tongue in the cheek establishment, see above.

The epitome of rural decay was a bus stop shelter we passed on our way to the coast. Whilst it is not particularly photogenic I couldn't resist stopping to take a couple of shots for my Erwitticisms gallery on my web site.

Hunstanton is a journey back in time as well. It has everything that evokes the memories of the day trips of my childhood. I'm sure it was as seedy then as it is now, but through children's eyes it's all glitz and excitement. Wonderful sandy beaches still.

Took the opportunity to call in and see Martin Wase in his shop where he sells all sorts of ephemera along with his images of wildlife and landscapes of Norfolk, see http://www.theatticphotographic.co.uk/ .

I Googled 'Erwitticisms' to see if it had recorded somewhere on their radar and was surprised to see it listed in all sorts of areas. So a little gentle publicity does seem to work.

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