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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Is Nostalgia Taking Hold?


It's been hot, it's been humid, so much so the best place to be is in front of the computer with the fans full blast. That's when I'm not having my afternoon kip, with my fans full blast as well I might add.

I've been messing about with stuff I've had on the computer for ages. Matching appropriate images with textures and borders and learning a lot, well, so I think. I'm sure what I've been doing is so basic that the PS experts would laugh up their sleeves to see what I've come up with.

Messing about with those two elements, texture and borders, I seem to be heading consistently towards pictures from a long gone era. The sort that you see when you read books about 'The Pioneers of Photography". Still it's a bit of fun and they look a bit twee, but who cares, it keeps the old grey matter engaged.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Hi Abers.

Well, you might think that others may view your Photoshop skills as being limited, but that photo certainly doesn't give that impression.

It's the end result that matters. :)