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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Along with fulfilling a long held promise to Barbara to clear out the garage I've been relieving the boredom of such a tedious job by thinking about photography whilst doing it, especially my new found experimentation of  merging of two images. Do they have to be totally disparate or can they be somewhat similar and complement one another? Only time and experimentation will tell.

Complementary:-   Character and Background.

'Yesterday's papers...Yesterdays News'
(Apologies to Ralph McTell)

Disparate:- Embankment Statue plus Bullrushes.

'Icarus Alighting' 

It's like anything new, once you find you can do it, you have a tendency to flog it to death. Still it makes you go back through all those images that you have put to one side with the thought, 'I'll look a little closer at these one day' and look at them from a different angle.
I can see long evenings when the clock goes back, if I haven't tired of it by then!


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