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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I’m a driver with some 50 years of driving under my belt. Had a few bumps in the early days and have been lucky enough to have had only 3 points for speeding about 12 years ago, so I won’t claim to be a perfect driver but safe enough. Over those fifty years I estimate I’ve had 20 cars, 17 of them company cars, ranging from a Ford Popular to an Audi A6 to my current privately owned Citroen C4. Yes, as I made progress up the greasy pole the cars got bigger, more powerful, more comfortable all with more bells and whistles and gizmos and perhaps more envious looks from the neighbours.

Has my driving improved over the years? I would like to think it has. Has it improved because of the succession of cars available to me? I don’t think so, I think it has improved because by driving an average of 30,000 miles a year over 50 years I’ve gained experience. So the equipment has not had an influence on my driving skills, a little perhaps on my ego.

This prolonged preamble is purely an analogy to photography. To be a driver you need a car, to be a photographer you need a camera. You won’t necessarily be a better driver with an upmarket better specified car and you won’t be a better photographer with an upmarket better specified camera. You may feel like a better driver as you may feel like a better photographer.

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