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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Just a bit of fun!

Photography can be a serious business, how serious is really up to you. Many times you read on the forums how people have got 'photographer's block' and are wringing their hands in desperation, some appear suicidal!

I know I've been there many times, not to the level of contemplating suicide I might add, but I often think it's a good job we haven't got a cat. It would sometimes be in for a good kicking. I must admit the neighbour's cat sometimes looks a bit vulnerable, if only I could catch the ginger bleeder.

As an amateur it really doesn't matter that the old creative juices dry up occasionally. So what! You can always take the opportunity to get all those other jobs done in and around the house and score some browny points with the better half.

I suppose if you are a 'pro it could be a bit of a problem since there would be a distinct lack of food on the table next month. On second thoughts however, pros don't need a constant flow of creativity, just a constant flow of work. How many ways can you photograph a wedding or little Amanda sitting on a cushion in the studio? Once you have hit on a style that works you just keep repeating it. I can't imagine a wedding photographer experimenting on the big day, what if it didn't work? How do you explain to the disappointed couple that although it looks a bit strange with the bride sitting on the groom's shoulders, that it really is de rigeur to have such a picture in the album.

Whilst on the subject of professional photographers, why do they have to keep telling us they are 'pros'? O.K. tell us once but surely that's enough. I don't find it necessary to keep telling people I'm an amateur, one glance at my work should be enough, but how many times to you read us amateurs saying, "I was on an 'am shoot the other day",  "A group of us 'ams got together to discuss photography...", "Yeah I'm a semi-am photographer...". I mean us 'ams are busy enough earning a living outside photography or busy spending the kids' inheritance in retirement without taking the time to tell everybody at every opportunity that we are 'ams.

I digress, a bit of fun. Whilst up in Norfolk, Hunstanton to be correct, I spotted this rubbish bin in the shape of a stylised penguin. Penguins being one of, if not my favourite animal, I couldn't resist taking a snap of it. At a loose end I came across it and decided if I can't get to the Antarctic, the Antarctic should come to me. Hence the unique picture of penguins marching across the sands at Hunstanton.

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