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Monday, 30 August 2010

What’s the point?

Something that caught my eye the other day was a remark left on a web site concerning a monochrome image.
It left me breathless for a while and wondering if the person who had made it really was a photographer or just one of those people that thought he/she was because he/she had bought a camera.

The remark in question was, “What’s the point of Black and White?” !!!!!!!!!!!.

I have a feeling that all you mono-maniacs out there would have cheerfully sentenced this poor myopic being to a fate worse than death if such a thing as a High Court for Photographic Misdemeanours existed. A suitable sentence would be to impose a community order that required him/her to look at a series of black and white images by Don McCullin, Jane Bown, James Ravillious, Fay Godwin, Robert Frank etc. etc. etc. until he/she was totally and utterly purged of his/her unfortunate affliction.

Should we feel compassion for such people who obviously have some sort of photographic dyslexia or just an incurable addiction to pictures of any sort, no matter how puerile, as long as they are in colour? Are they to be pitied or shunned completely, here we have to be careful we wouldn’t want to infringe their human rights!

Whenever I see such a remark or comment that dismisses out of hand anyone’s picture I am always reminded of a scene from the movie ‘Lust for Life’, Hollywood’s take on the life of Vincent van Gogh.

Van Gogh (Kirk Douglas) is in an argument with Paul Gaugin (Anthony Quinn) about Van Gogh’s painting style when Gaugin remarks “Your trouble is you paint too quick”.

Van Gogh replies, “Your trouble is you look too quick”.

So don’t ‘look too quick’ when viewing pictures, you may miss something.

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