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Sunday, 17 October 2010



 I’m rather pleased with myself. I’ve just spent six days in beautiful South Devon, along shores with plenty of rock pools at low tide and not once did I succumb to getting out my tripod, putting it at its lowest possible setting and taking a picture of the sea all milky and misty with wet shiny rocks protruding through the surface; even on the one morning when I was on the beach as the sun rose!

We were based in Beer, a small fishing village clinging to the steep sided cliffs of East Devon. We’ve been visiting Beer on and off over some 40 plus years. It’s a place that has remained fixed in my mind since our first visit for a week when the kids were still in single figures age wise.

Since I was born before WW2 we didn’t have the opportunity to visit the seaside, what with Herr Hitler making such a trip impossible. All I had was a comic book view of what it was like. The Beano and Dandy always depicted it as a place where the beach was inhabited by rosy cheeked fishermen smoking clay pipes whilst working on their fishing boats or mending nets sitting by lobster pots. There were always cliffs and rock pools where star fish and crabs could be caught with ease.

After the war finished when the ‘seaside’ became available again we used to have charabanc day trips to the coast, but nowhere seemed to match up to those wonderful scenes in the Beano and Dandy. I was always bitterly disappointed. That is until we made our first visit to Beer. I remember walking to the beach down a steep alleyway and low and behold, there it all was, boats, fishermen, nets and lobsterpots and rock pools with crabs and star fish.

The Beano and Dandy had it all spot on! And Beer is still like that today with the addition of a lot more deckchairs though. Well worth a visit.


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