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Friday, 31 December 2010

It's that time of year yet again!

Do I carry on as though another year hasn’t passed, or do I celebrate the fact that a new year has arrived. It’s only a date on the calendar so why should it make any difference to what I propose to do over the next 365 days. It’s a struggle enough to maintain, or try and maintain, a standard that is in my eyes, somewhere approaching satisfactory without adding to that struggle.

If I remember, last year I resolved to get away from photographing people and try to improve my pictorial skills. I stopped posting as many pictures on sites such as Flickr and the other two forums that I subscribe to, and concentrated on entering prints for selection in exhibitions. No ribbons or medals of any colour were forthcoming, but I did manage to get some 22 print accepted, and a few of those were in colour, surprise! surprise! I think I will carry on along those lines for 2011. I find it more satisfactory to have an effort acknowledged by photographers that are in themselves regarded as image makers of some repute.

What I’ve found interesting over the past couple of months is, for want of a better phrase, messing about on the computer. Nothing startlingly new, because there seems to be nothing startlingly new in the photographic world, but discovering what happens if I tweak this or that slider or button and end up with a result that I find pleasing. No doubt someone somewhere has already pressed and slid the sliders and buttons and found it pleasing and achieved an end result infinitely more pleasing than mine; but I’ll keep plodding on.

I don’t know if it’s my eyes that are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, but increasingly ‘soft’ pictures are appearing on the screen that please me and sometimes just the opposite, sharp images that bear no resemblance to the original picture that I took. I’ve added a couple to illustrate what I mean. Both have been taken at the same place at the same time. Perhaps a visit to Specsavers should be on my list for 2011.
 I think they will both make interesting prints and I will enter them for possible exhibition selection and see what the selectors think.

Well if anybody reads this, and gets this far, I hope all your New Year resolutions come to fruition and you spend many happy hours indulging in your photography.


Eileen said...

Happy New Year Alan. I hope that the new year will be a good and productive one for you. I am also increasingly interested in softer pictures. Last year I was given a book called 'Vanity Fair Portraits': it has some wonderful early pictures which and low in contrast and not hugely sharp, and are very beautiful indeed. I have just bought a book about Frederick Evans, one of my idols since schooldays. His images have great tonal range in mid-tones but not that much contrast and the effect is very lovely. I'm thinking of trying to replicate that subtlety and range.
I like your first picture a lot. The second picture doesn't work so well for me, at least on screen. I think it would be interesting to see in print.

Fotoviva Art Prints said...

I like these two photos. The top one with the person is great, especially the way they 'fit' within the band. The second one is a lovely abstract shot. Good work!