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Monday, 28 March 2011


As the saying goes!

I’m at the end of a three month trial using a Sony NEX 3 camera that I bought just before Mr Osbourne raised the rate of VAT. It’s a bit silly to say that I have been trialling it, it gives the impression that if I didn’t like it, I could send it back. It really was a calculated decision to buy on a like it or lump it basis.

So why did I buy it in the first place? Reason No.1 was that I felt that all those pictures that I saw when out and about with no camera should be recorded, and No.2 was that the old legs were getting a bit rusty and I couldn’t have it away on my toes quite so readily if someone objected to me photographing them! But No.1 was the main reason.

Now I’m not going into reams of a camera review, there’s plenty of those to bore you in the myriad of magazines that usually have a vested interest in giving such things, and are usually written by the office boy using the camera manufacturers’ press releases.

I chose the Sony because my current equipment is Sony, I would think that all I am about to say would apply to any small compact whatever the manufacturer.

It took a while to get to find my way around the camera and where the buttons are and what they do, and once that is mastered it’s piece of cake. One thing that I still do on occasions is when I see something in a fleeting moment I put the camera up to my eye looking for the eyepiece that isn’t there, and usually miss it. But for street photography it allows all sorts of situations to be recorded, where perhaps a DSLR would be too intrusive.

I can’t imagine sitting comfortably at a well known railway terminus or shopping centre for 30 minutes or so watching and waiting for something of interest to come by manipulating a DSLR, whereas the Sony, with its articulated viewing screen, allows that with no problems. I’ve never had any qualms or problems taking candids but this camera has added to what I can now attempt. The very fact that I can see what is going on around me and anticipating what will appear on the viewing screen gives you that little edge, especially when you are trying to get what I call a ‘juxtaposition’ image.

The image quality is brilliant, something that I was perhaps a bit wary of, but I have no complaints whatsoever on that score. So all in all I’m delighted with my purchase it does everything I want it to.

It is still a little strange going out to take a few pictures without a bag on my shoulder, albeit a small one, just with a strangely heavy lump in my right hand pocket!


Eileen said...

Glad to see you making good use of the new camera. I particularly like the second image - very funny. I would like a small unobtrusive camera for candids but finances don't permit so I am still hauling my noisy and very visible camera around.

Luckily in Central London at least people tend not to notice. It's more of an issue in my local area, where people aren't used to seeing cameras everywhere. And I've missed a few potentially strong pictures on crowded trains through not having the nerve to get the beast out of its bag in a situation where there's nowhere to run if people did get cross.

Nigel Roberson said...

The photographs here are great Alan.Why is it I, like you love monochrome ?, its proper photography I guess. I am a coward when it comes to this sort of work and certainly wouldn’t take my DSLR out on the street. We are all lucky that we have nice things but unfortunately there are folk who don’t, and that bothers me. What’s it like in poor light ? and does it do Raw ?
If I go to London I take my M8 and try to look like a tourist rather than a photographer and disguise what I am doing by taking some normal holiday snaps as well as street shots.

Alan Abercrombie said...

Thanks for responding Eileen and Nigel. I must admit to feeling a bit of a sneak when I use it.

Having been brought up on B+W, it's a habit hard to shake Nigel. However I received a big surprise last week when I won the club cup for colour, my flabber was totally gasted!

Yes you can shoot in RAW with the NEX and the ISO ranges from 200 to 12800 so there is a reasonable low light capability there, althohgh I haven't tested it yet.