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Saturday, 14 May 2011


Had the good fortune to listen to a talk Thursday evening given by Eamonn McCabe entitled 'A Life in Newspapers', who during some 40 years in photography has been a sports photographer (5 times Sports Photographer of the Year), Guardian picture editor and now a portrait photographer.

Apart from showing his own marvellous work he included images from those within his profession that he himself admires and reveres. His presentation was as fresh and as enthusiastic as if he had just started out on his career and was not only informative but hugely entertaining.

His modesty and, to some extent, self deprecation really endeared him to the audience, and whilst immensely proud of his work he didn't keep reminding us he was a professional but just another photographer like the club members gathered to listen to him.

It's an irritating trait of some professional photographers that they need to keep reminding their audience or readers that they are a 'pro and when you look at their work it's very little different to anything you can see posted on forums or online galleries.

It was his sports shots and Jane Bown's portraiture that appeared every Sunday in the Observer back in the early '80's that really got me interested in photography in the first place.

A wonderful evening and if you get the chance to attend one of his talks grab it with both hands.

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