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Monday, 13 June 2011


We spent last week in around Bournemouth and the Purbeck Hills. The weather was very kind and the visibility was crisp and clear. All the blurb tells us Bournemouth is the gateway to the Jurrasic Coast and I can see why this is so as all the inhabitants and visitors to the area would appear to have come from that period in time! We are no spring chickens but I would guess that we brought the average age down by about 15 years. The pace of life there is from dead slow to a complete standstill.

Having seen a myriad of images of Durdle Door and Kimmeridge Bay I wasn't too disappointed to find that to get to these places require required not only determination and physical stamina, but some deep pockets full of two pound coins and assorted other change. The parking charges in and around London pale into insignificance when motoring along a Dorset coastline. One needs to factor this in when planning a holiday to this part of the world. Needless to say I haven't added to the number of images that have been taken of the two above popular sites that attract so many photographers.

Now what usually attracts the photographic eye when by the briny? Definitely sunrises and sunsets, more recently a groyne surrounded by milky water after using a 10 stop ND filter, if a lighthouse is in the vicinity that's a must, fishing boats either floating at high tide or on their sides at low tide and for the sports photographer wind and kite surfers. All this was available to me at Bournemouth and regions adjacent, come to think of it though I can't recall a lighthouse anywhere.

What I found intriguing was spending a couple of hours on a clifftop car park, looking down on a sparsely populated beach and promenade with lampposts dotted along at regular intervals. Not only was the car park free, even more satisfying, but trying to make pictures of very little the most satisfying of all,

..and break rules along the way.


Irvin said...

Alan original and thoughtful as always.Your musings always make me look at the (photographic ) world in a slightly different way,always with a chuckle and I thank you for that.The shots (esp the 2nd & 4th one) in this post are what most people wouldn't even see much less photograph and I hope to be able to train my eye to see past the obvious like you often do
Regards Irvin

fatherpie said...

Oh Dear! I found myself chuckling and nodding my head in agreement with you all the way through Alan.
Regards Dave