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Monday, 22 August 2011

Taking or Making?

I haven't been out with the camera for three weeks now and really have no inclination to. Mind you when I make up my mind to shake of this lethargy, the weather decides to turn nasty and piles on the agony. So what I've been doing to keep my hand in is 'making' pictures rather than 'taking' them.

At the last count I've some 8000+ images on my hard drive, gathered together over the past four years. Why I've kept 80% of them I'll never know, so I've spent the past couple of weeks trying to discover why, by making pictures from the reservoir of that 80%, either singly or by combining one or two together. Hence the title, 'Making or Taking'.

Norfolk Surrealism

The Shroud

Whilst not producing anything startling or artistically remarkable, I feel that my photoshop capabilities have expanded and the discovery of new and different manipulations are adding to my repertoire. I'm sure that what I have learned would be meat and drink to the accomplished photoshop manipulator, but little by little things are improving, that's if I can remember what I did to achieve the effects that I ended up with!

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