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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Beyond the Cars.

Made a long promised visit to the Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands in Surrey a few days ago. A terrific facility for those interested in cars and that marque in particular. As you would expect with such a prestigious manufacturer the facility is beautifully conceived and presented to the public, and doesn't charge for entry.

There was a charge for driving around the test track and skid pan should you be so inclined, not excessive but enough to make you think a bit!

As well as their current range of products there are working models of engine types and information about their heritage and sporting achievements. I was met by a delightful lady at the door who explained what I should see and where I should go, that I could sit in any of the cars that didn't have a barrier around it and finally informed me that photography was allowed with no restrictions whatsoever.

A veritable Shangri-la for the petrol head and car photographer. Not that I'm one of the former, having spent forty years in the motor industry or one of the latter since my interest in cars is somewhat jaded after those forty years. It was interesting taking an unescorted tour of the facility, wandering where I wanted over the three floors of the building and noticing that there were stacks of photographic opportunities apart from the automotive ones. So when I came home I had some 45 pictures of the building, outside and in, but none of the cars.

It was sunny day for a change and the interior of the building presented some fairly minimalistic shadow opportunities, more black and white geometrical images than anything. The coffee bar was a welcome sight and the stools arranged with Teutonic efficiency, after all we're talking Mercedes here, fascinated me.

When I looked at the pictures I had taken I realised that I had missed several opportunities and since the place is only 4-5 miles from where I live I shall be going back quite soon with some preconceived ideas.

Geometric Light

Chequered Entrance



Tea For Two


Ken Latham said...

Fantastic Alan, you came away with some stunning images.
As a petrol head I would love to take in a visit and must put it on the "to do" list next time I'm down in London

Alan said...

Thanks Ken. As a self confessed 'petrol head' you will appreciate that the Brooklands Motor Museum is next door!