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Monday, 31 October 2011


As far as protests and demonstrations are concerned, the current one at St. Paul’s Cathedral is very low key and somewhat disappointing, photographically that is.

Just a collection of small tents tethered by bags of gravel covering in total an area equivalent to about half the size of a football pitch.

There is not much activity and the protesters just stand around answering questions, why they are there and what they hope to achieve. They comprise a mixed bag of the usual types wearing the obligatory woollen multicoloured jumpers with the usual jelly bag hats covering dreadlocks and with others dressed in ‘City Suits’ mostly wearing the Guy Fawkes masks that began to appear some two to three years ago at the more upbeat demos.

 The surrounding walls and pillars are covered with home made posters and slogans railing against the capitalist system, with bankers and the large global corporations particularly lambasted.

 It’s a photographer’s duty to find something different, but in this case I found it very hard. Most of the usual shots can be seen either in the press or the television, people in masks, the juxtaposition of the cathedral against the tents, bemused on lookers, nowhere will you see any police confrontation.

I took a few shots just to say that I’d been there, but came away somewhat deflated and disappointed.





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