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Thursday, 29 December 2011


It has become a ritual at the year’s end to look backward and forward at the same time to assess what, if any, progress has been made in the foregoing twelve months and what actions are to be taken to further strengthen any weaknesses in the forthcoming year.
 Blimey! This sounds just like the intro to one of those interviews with a line manager at work that took place in order to tick a multitude of boxes on forms that were signed off by both parties and then filed away until the same time next year.
 That’s one of the beauties of retirement, no formalisation of paying lip service to a system that only the HR department has any regard for, except for a few eager newcomers to the business world. Those graduates who thinks it all works like it says in the manuals and look with incredulity at those old hands that have through years of experience, managed by the seat of their pants and with an inherent feeling of what’s a sound decision and what’s a bloomer.
 A little bit like photography really.
 So this year I’m not looking back or forward, I’m not worrying where I failed last year and not setting myself any targets for the next twelve months. I’m just going to enjoy my photography, offer my work up for consideration for inclusion in a few exhibitions, and do what seems a good idea at the time.
 If you’ve read this far, may I wish you a Happy and Photographically Satisfying New Year.

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Eileen said...

Happy New Year Alan - I hope it is a good one for you.