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Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Hectic Weekend.

A Hectic Weekend.

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag over the past couple of months as far as photographic activities are concerned. I can count on one hand the times I’ve been out with the camera since last November, and even then the results have been somewhat mediocre, so I haven’t added anything to my portfolio, my web site and apart from a couple of images to my Flickr page.

 A fortnight ago the weekend was somewhat hectic, with a visit to Clacton Camera Club on the Friday evening and a day’s visit to the annual Arena seminar at Bournemouth on the Sunday.

 I was somewhat inveigled into giving a talk at Clacton a year ago and it was startling how quickly a year passes before you get a reminder that you are due to appear before the assembled photographic cognoscenti of Essex in a couple of weeks time! I learned two thing from the episode, Clacton is a long way from Southwest London, and  that the assembled photographic cognoscenti of Essex are a grand bunch of people, well I say that, nobody threw anything at me! Oh! And the fish supper was great.

 Having taken the Saturday to recover from the round trip to Clacton on the Friday, it was up at the crack of dawn to get to Bournemouth for the Arena event, getting there in good time to stock up with a Full English before the day’s programme started.

 Arena is a group of some forty photographers from the south of England. It started some twenty four or so years ago when Joan Wakelin called a group of photographers together for an initial meeting at the Arts Centre in Newbury. There were eight of us that attended to explore the possibilities of forming such a group, and over the next two years under the enthusiastic guidance of Joan we managed to mount four exhibitions and establish the annual Seminars that continue to this day.

 The first weekend seminars were held a Ufton Court near Newbury, and were somewhat Spartan as far as the accommodation was concerned, but they were well attended. Today the seminars are held in a hotel in Bournemouth and by comparison are a really plush affair. Starting on a Friday evening and going through to late Sunday afternoon, the guests are given talks on all manner of photographic genres and processes.

 The day’s events on Sunday comprised three speakers, firstly from an Arena member, Vic Attfield, secondly from Magnum photographer Ian Berry and finally Jonathon Critchley the ocean yacht photographer.

A very good day was had by all.

Vic Attfield;  http://www.arenaphotographers.com/viewMemberProfile.php?memberID=40

Ian Berry:

Jonathon Critchley:


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