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Monday, 16 July 2012

Fun With a Fisheye

Like all photographers when they first start up I was inveigled into buying all manner of gizmo's and gadgets to enhance my photographic skills (so it said in the adverts!).

Somewhere in the loft there is a bag full of strange filters that allowed starbursts, multiple images, a kaleidoscope effect, ones with an outer ring of frosted glass with varying dimensions of a clear hole in the centre to give a softness to portraits. There's a right angle viewfinder to obviate the need to kneel down when taking a low angle shot, something I never used, since then I was quite supple and lithe and kneeling and bending was no problem, today it would have been a boon for my creaky knees and back!

In all my years dabbling in photography the one thing I've never possessed is a Fisheye lens. But now I have one! It's not a true stand-alone fisheye but an attachment for a 16mm. pancake lens for my NEX. It makes the lens a wide angle of about 12mm and allows the fisheye effect that such a stand-alone lens would give. Usually glass on glass deteriorates image quality but there is no noticeable "fall off" that I can see. 

I've been playing with it during the past three weeks that I've had it and found it more than just a bit of fun. Like all lenses it has applications that suit it and the subject being photographed. How that translates into an image is purely subjective and I'm sure there will be many 'purists' that will claim the distortions that it gives are not to be regarded as in any way to be tolerated. Some camera club judges will turn a shade of puce when confronted with an image taken with the lens, the more astute and learned will perhaps understand what has been attempted.

In this picture I've used the distortion to its utmost to make a graphic pattern picture of some seating in a grandstand.

A wide angle view of deck chairs on a beach.

Two Dorset landscapes, emphasising the clouds.

Fun with a Phone Box.

So far I've only just scratched the surface and like all photographers I will enjoy seeing and learning how to extend my scope. This is a lens that won't be a five minute wonder and end up gathering dust in my bag!

One thing I have already learned, its not much use for portraits, but there again, the title says it all!

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