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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Fisheye Fetish Continues!

I don't think I'm alone in this, but I find that when I get something new and experiment with it, I tend to use it all the time, excluding all else that's in my bag. I think it's because as you get more and more familiar with the possibilities that the equipment offers the more you explore, in your head, what and how you can push further and do something that you've never been able to do before.

Consequently the few times that I've been out recently all I've used is my fisheye attachment, so much so that I'm becoming worried that it's a phase that will take a long time to pass. I don't claim to have taken anything new and revolutionary with it, but it gives me a whole new view of the world that generates a bit of a buzz when I look through the viewfinder.

I will add at this point that I've upgraded my trusty NEX-3 to an NEX-7, the latter having a the dual facility of an EVF as well as the display on the back screen. Using the viewfinder makes me feel more like a photographer than a snapper when holding the camera at arm's length to compose a picture, however, the articulated screen is still handy for those low/high angle shots that at my age are becoming physically impossible to achieve. The surreptitious lap shots are still available as well!

The pictures below are results of two or three expeditions of late using my fisheye attachment and which I'm afraid will be added to ad nauseam until I can shake off this dreaded wide view affliction!










Anonymous said...

Enlightening and enjoyable as ever Alan. You have a way of seeing (even with similar kit) that differs from any other photographer and long may it continue. Thanks for your inspiration.

Alan Abercrombie said...

That's very kind of you Irvin. How's the 100 strangers going?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan
I'm all done with the strangers project for the moment. I'm on a bit of a film craze at the mo.It seems much more of a involved mode of photography and having never used film cameras before digital I have good shots and bad shots but have to wait for the development to work on my bad ones! When I get a bit more confident I'll display some.
Regards Irv