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Friday, 12 October 2012

Tate Britain #3

I knew once I had visited Tate Britain for the first time in August of last year that I would return, not necessarily on a regular basis, but when an opportunity presented itself amongst all the other activities that seem to prevent a foray out with the camera, and there seems to have been plenty of those this year.
These days I only seem to get out with the intention of taking pictures on average once a month. Getting the garden ready for the Winter, shopping with my wife, looking after the grand kids whilst their parents swan off on holiday, not that they need ‘looking after’, more feeding on a regular basis and then taking their dogs out for a daily constitutional seems to take priority over taking photographs.
 Anyway this is just a preamble to one of those increasingly rare days out.
 The shortlist for the 2012 Turner Prize was announced recently and the exhibits would be at the Tate during October. Since one of the hopeful winners included an element of photography I decided that a visit to view the shortlist was necessary. Not that I’m a fan of Turner Prize type exhibits, in fact I’m usually puzzled, angered and bewildered by them in equal measure, so I thought seeing them in the flesh, as it were, might enlighten me and improve my visual literacy.
 So off to the Tate for my third visit on Tuesday last.. On arriving it seems that the building is undergoing a revamp and a reconstruction of sorts, so it was somewhat a voyage of discovery finding where everything was. I finally found the gallery where the Turner finalists were displayed, only to discover that an £11 entrance fee was demanded. I decided my visual illiteracy would have to go on hold, for two reasons. One, the price of entry and two, that I would be even more puzzled, angered and bewildered and have paid £11 to be so!
So I spent a wonderful couple of hours taking a “Walk through the 20th Century”.
This comprises a wonderful display of paintings, sculptures and installations by renowned British artists, throughout the last century.
When I visit a gallery, I’m always fascinated by the other visitors viewing the exhibits, and although it’s ‘old hat’ to take pictures of such scenes I can’t resist doing so. I try to place such figures in a position where they become part of the gallery, rather than intruders into it. Whether it works or not is down to the viewers of my snaps!
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