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Saturday, 2 March 2013


I've just spent an intriguing couple of hours. Enthralled, deeply moved, mystified, horrified and shocked looking at the film "McCullin" just released on DVD and Bluray.
Whilst the photography is stunning and familiar to most, the film is not solely for photographers. The reminiscences of Don McCullin raises the spectre of man's inhumanity to man and the cheapness of life where and when conflict arises.
He may have had the theatres of war in The Lebanon, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, The Congo and Biafra to cover, but even now in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya evil and brutality is still perpetuated and allows an insight as to what is occurring in those regions today.
"McCullin" is a photographic odyssey and a lesson in terror and inhumanity and, although somewhat trite to say, required viewing for all those that wield power, either democratically or otherwise, and try to impose their will on others by force and are not cognisant of the consequences.
As an ardent admirer of his work, the DVD now sits along his books in my collection and adds a whole new dimension to my appreciation of the man.


Stav said...

Very impressed with the man and the photographs. I tried to see this at the cinema but it only ran for a nano second! Although my overall impression at the end was of a person who craved the challenge, to whom the photography was only secondary to his need to witness or experience the conflicts. I think the interview with Parkinson showed how deeply this all affected him ... It seems to take a certain character to be capable of putting himself in these positions and his photography reflects his ability to be in the wrong place at the right time..

fatherpie said...

I watched it today Alan and unusually for me find that I don't want to record the moment on my blog. It was a challenging and ultimately harrowing account and anyone who thinks that war is justified should watch this and understand the sheer inhumanity that humankind are capable of.