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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I like to have a go at most things, especially if I’ve seen something that has fascinated me and makes me wonder how it is achieved and what level of expertise is required to achieve it.
A few weeks ago we had a talk at our camera club, The Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society, given by Rikki O’Neill.
The talk was entitled ‘Through the Eyes of an Artist’ and comprised images that had been digitally composed from several other photographic and scanned images and radically altered to present a wholly different type of picture from any of the component parts.
Rikki is a book illustrator as well as a photographer and his artistic creativity shone through in all his images
His explanations of how each image was formed, from what individual pictures and how each element was manipulated to arrive at his finished pre-envisaged image was very enlightening.
Of course it will be argued in some, if not many quarters, that this isn’t photography, but merely a craft that uses photography as a means to an end. I do not necessarily subscribe to that view, since I have always held that if you arrive at an image that pleases you, it doesn’t matter how you got there.
You can read on many forums that real photography is done ‘in camera’ and any other manipulation that follows, or is deemed necessary, reflects negatively on the skill of the photographer who took it. Sometimes it is stated that Photoshop or other forms of post production programmes are just crutches for the inadequacy of the person who pressed the button.
Rikki O’Neill faces this view by the title of his talk.
See his work on http://www.rikoart.com/
Go to the drop down menu Photoart to see what I mean.
That brings me round to my feeble efforts to employ my photoshop skills to produce some form of surrealistic images. I always thought that I could see light at the end of the tunnel where photoshop was concerned, I now realise that Mr O’Neill has taught me that I’ve yet to find the tunnel!
Angels Graveyard
Halloween #1

Halloween #2

The Semi-Detached Boot

Angels Dead Ahead


Anonymous said...

This is such a far stretch from what I would associate you with Alan but you are abviously enjoying it and presenting some intriguing work. Good on ya matey!
All the best Irvin

Alan Abercrombie said...

Hi Irv

Thanks for looking me old china, it's an age thing you know!