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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sounds From The Park

For those of you that know Speakers' Corner and those that have heard of it, there is now an archive created of its history, activity, speakers, listeners, hecklers, visitors and tourists.

This is held at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

I spent a super afternoon at the final celebration of the completion of the project yesterday. It was as though the Corner had been transposed into the hall where it was held, with many familiar faces of speakers and hecklers present, several of whom gave presentations of their take and involvement in the Corner and some talking of the great orators and characters of the past.

The Corner is a well known and integral part of the London scene and is unique throughout the world in that it allows free speech, is not organised in any way in that anyone can turn up on a Sunday, with no prior booking, no prior permission or reporting to anyone, and hold forth on any subject.

It must have the PC brigade gnashing their teeth with frustration!

The project has a web site

http://on-the-record.org.uk/tag/sounds-from-the-park/ if you are so inclined to have a look.

Next time you are in town on a Sunday have a look, join in speak or just heckle(if you dare)!

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